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Application Example: Transport Chain

A chain of 8 conveyor belts that is part of the FGDES' demonstration model of a manufacturing system served as scalable application example for the HioSys approach. A video is coming in due course.

Within a resulting 3-level hierarchy (see below), the topmost of 7 I/O controllers accepts the operator inputs "take from left" and "deliver to right" or "standby" (in arbitrary order) to transport workpieces (up to 8 pieces simultaneously) from the left end of the chain to the right end.

The internal transfer of workpieces is managed by the controller hierarchy and guaranteed to be nonblocking and collision-free. Using the libFAUDES Simulator, the controllers are executed synchronously with the hardware.

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libFAUDES 2.32b --- 2024.03.08 --- with "synthesis-observer-diagnosis-iosystem-hiosys-multitasking-coordinationcontrol-timed-iodevice-simulator-luabindings"