Faudes-typed objects are characterised by their configuration data, which can be read from or written to a file. The corresponding file formats are based on sequences of tokens that form nested sections to hold sets or lists of strings or integers. For example, the alphabet Sigma = {alpha, beta, gamma} is represented as

<Alphabet> "alpha" "beta" "gamma" </Alphabet>

Faudes-types available in this copy of libFAUDES are:

AlphabetBasic alphabet with controllability attributes.
BooleanElementary type to hold a boolean value true or false.
ColorSetSet of colors for marking the state of a colored generator
ComediDeviceAccess digital IO hardware within the comedi framework.
D3RipUrtDeviceSynchronize events via D3RIP protocols.
DeviceContainerMerge individual IO devices.
DeviceExecutorSimulation of synchronized timed automata, incl. physical events and time.
DiagnoserGenerator with state estimate attribute for event-diagnosis.
EventRelabelMapMap from indices to sets of indexes for re-labeling events.
EventSetBasic alphabet.
EventSetVectorVector of alphabets
FailureTypeMapSpecification of Failure Types
GeneratorBasic generator model G=(Sigma,Q,delta,Qo,Qm).
GeneratorVectorVector of generators
HioConstraintGenerator with I/O-constraint state and event attributes.
HioControllerGenerator with I/O-controller state and event attributes.
HioEnvironmentGenerator with I/O-environment state and event attributes.
HioPlantGenerator with I/O-plant state and event attributes.
IntegerElementary type to hold a 32bit signed integer value.
IntegerVectorVector of integers
IoSystemGenerator with I/O system state and event attributes.
LoggingExecutorSimulation of synchronized timed automata, incl logging.
ModbusDeviceSynchronize process image via Modbus/TCP protocol.
MtcSystemGenarator model woth colored markings.
ParallelExecutorBasic simulation of synchronized timed automata.
ProposingExecutorSimulation of synchronized timed automata, incl. stochastic execution.
SignalDeviceAbstract interface for signal based event detection and execution.
SimplenetDeviceNetwork based communication of events.
SpiDeviceSynchronize process image via serial interface.
StringElementary type to hold an ASCII encoded string
SystemGenerator model G=(Sigma,Q,delta,Qo,Qm) with controllability attributes.
SystemVectorVector of systems
WagoDeviceAccess digital IO hardware by Wago Kbus interface.

libFAUDES 2.32b --- 2024.03.08 --- with "synthesis-observer-diagnosis-iosystem-hiosys-multitasking-coordinationcontrol-timed-iodevice-simulator-luabindings"