Elementary Types

There are three elementary types to represent integer, boolean and string values. They are implemented by the C++ types long int, bool and std::string.


Elementary type to hold a 32bit signed integer value.

The Integer type represents integer values from -(2^31) to (2^31-1). The token IO format is

<Integer> 1234   </Integer> 


Vector of integers

A vector of Integers.


Elementary type to hold a boolean value true or false.

The Boolean type represents two values, denoted true and false. The token IO format is

<Boolean> "true" </Boolean>
<Boolean> "false" </Boolean>


Elementary type to hold an ASCII encoded string

The String type represents a string of ASCII characters. The token IO format is

<String> "some ASCII text, no control characters" </String>


Sum of integer arguments.


IntegerSum(+In+ Integer I_1, +In+ Integer I_2, +Out+ Integer IRes)

IntegerSum(+In+ IntegerVector IVec, +Out+ Integer IRes)

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